Mission Statement

Social Responsibility: When Sally Kernan founded IT Network in 1997, she wanted her organization to reflect her own social values (community, fairness, teamwork, environmental stewardship). She wanted her business to not only be a leader in the staffing industry, but an ethical player as well. She chose clients that shared her values.

Fourteen years later, IT Network continues to advance the values we were originally founded on. We continue to work with clients that support sustainability and environmental protection. In Richland, WA we’ve supplied contractors to the environmental cleanup effort at the DOE Hanford Nuclear Site.

Our partner in Richland, Washington River Protection Solutions, shares our values. In Alaska, our clients in the petrochemical industry use practices that keep environmental impact to a minimum. In Bellevue, WA we work with water purification facilities that help ensure a clean water supply for the future. We’ve never let our success compromise our values. In fact, we believe our values are what’s made us successful.


Our Vision: To create a strong network of Independent Recruiters that live up to the same high standards that have made us successful. To provide superior recruiting support to the high technology and heavy industrial community. To make a positive difference in the lives we impact.

Our Shared Values: We believe that there is responsibility and privilege in our roles as Recruiters. Our success is based upon the mutual respect we develop with our clients and our employees. We see ourselves as more than simply Head Hunters filling job orders, but rather as trusted advisers for our clients and contractors alike.

Goals for Service: To provide top-notch recruiting services with our independent recruiters and firms we have partnered with (Scout Recruiting). We will strive to meet the required objectives of the Contingent Staffing Group and hope to be relied upon as a strategic partner and source for top Recruiting talent.