IT Network Locations

Alaska North Slope Anchorage, AK Bellingham, WA Seattle, WA Richland, WA Portland, OR Phoenix, AZ

 IT Network’s office is located in Redmond, WA in the heart of Seattle’s Eastside tech region. Our company has clients in Alaska, Arizona, Oregon and Washington State. Most of our contractors work in the Pacific Northwest in a variety of disciplines ranging from drafting to nuclear facilities engineering.

IT Network’s database, which includes over 30,000 resumes, covers nearly every state and we hire contractors from all over the country to work with our clients. Our past employees are typically our first choice for assignments, andour forteen years of experience has given us a large amount of flexibiltiy interms of which geographic areas we’re capable of providing staffing services for.

We’re constantly working to improve our recruiting capacities and expand our reach. For a more detailed list of our job openings, please see our job postings. If you’re a hiring or project manager in need of contractor support, please see our contractor request form.